FAU Erlangen Beamer Template

I finally found some time to upload the presentation theme that I used for my doctor defense at the University of Erlangen. This beamer theme is derived from the beamer-polymtl theme created by Manuel Vonthron. The full name of the university is rather long Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg, clearly to long to fit comfortably on any presentation slide. Thus I went with the abbreviation FAU-Erlangen, since the technical faculty in located in Erlangen.

The doctor defense did not require the preparation of printed handouts, thus I only focused on the color beamer theme itself. The FAU-Erlangen logo is composed of dark blue and grey, thus this should be the main colors in the theme. As highlight color, according to the color wheel a bright orange was chosen. I don’t think dark backgrounds are especially suited for scientific presentation, since scientific reports tend to include figures, which usually come with white backgrounds, thus creating a hard contrast with the dark background. I choose a bright gradient for the background to make it look modern, and work well with figures.

Title Page

The title page background is a pdf file edited with OmniGraffle. Colors for the FAU logo have been slightly altered to match the presentation theme.

Minipage Environment

An example of the final presentation using the minipage environment for putting a figure on the left and the bullet list on the right is shown above.

Block Environment

The last example is the block environment. The actual block is in the same color as the background, only the block title is emphasized. If your you like to use the theme or modify it, go to https://github.com/haechi/beamer-erlangen.